Founded in 2016 by Tom Cox, Focus LDN is an artist led pop-up gallery, curating and exhibiting the best contemporary artworks London has to offer. Championing the story of every represented artists through interviews, studio visits and short films. 

Focus LDN has annual Spring and Autumn exhibitions, which are curated to a concept, as well as an non-themed Winter Exhibition, with the aim to grow and get involved across community projects.

For collaboration projects, exhibition space proposals and more please contact us! 

After graduating his BA in Fine Art Painting and Advertising at the University or Northampton in 2014 Tom moved back to London to continue his art practice, finally becoming full time after the success of his first solo show Art of the Metropolis in November 2015. 

Constantly meeting other artists and recognising the salient, connected themes in their work Tom has a passion for curating group exhibitions around the capital. After the second successful exhibition Focus LDN was born, to encapsulate the energy of the exhibitions.

The Art of Regeneration, at the Menier Gallery was Focus LDN's debut exhibition in which he collaborated with curator Pandora Moloney displaying eighteen artists from around the city. 

After the success of this exhibition Focus LDN LTD became official and is evolving into a platform, which offers insight into the lives of the artists, through interviews and exhibitions. Curating only the most talented artists in London and giving them the opportunity to gain the recognition they need to make their careers a success.