The Spring Collection


28th February - 4th March @ The Menier Ground Floor Gallery

Exhibiting the hottest contemporary artwork London has to offer for 2017.

In our first open exhibition of the year we are proud to have such a fantastic line up of artists, including previous best sellers Ernesto Romano, Sarah Fosse and Brad Kenny, the raw emerging talent of Dean Rossiter, Tom Cox and Fabrizio Acquista, and established names like David Taylor.

We are also lucky to have the Instagram famous @Levanterman in his first ever gallery exhibition!

From prints and paintings, to photography and digital art, this exhibition is not to be missed! Join us for our latest show at London Bridge's prestigious Menier Gallery.


Bev Jones, Billy Riley, Brad Kenny, Chen-Jung Kuo, Cherish Marshall, Chris Vervain, David Hopkins, David Taylor, Dean Rossiter, Ebony Manderson, Elisa Cantarelli, Ernesto Romano, Fabrizio Acquista, Gary Hogben, Ireneo Frizzarin, Isabelle Brodeur, Jan Bo Vinter Poulsan, Jessica Gonpra, Jonathan Gray, Mark Timmins, Martin Ireland, Nige Levanterman, Patrick Blower, Paul Kingsley Squire, Riaz Sanatian, Sarah Fosse, Sita Morar, Tom Cox, Victor Guidini, WanRu Lin