Affordable Art Fair, Autumn 2017: Review

Battersea Affordable Art Fair

18th-22nd October | Battersea Park


This Autumn, Focus LDN is here to give you a quick breakdown of the Battersea AAF.

The fair is a landmark art event for galleries, artists and art collectors, giving many London galleries a touch point by which to capture a receptive art loving audience. The fair invites new and younger collectors through its doors with the promise of affordability, and we believe they live up to their word. Not to say that their new upper limit of £6000 per artwork is affordable to all, but when the price is up in those ranks the artwork we saw seemed worth it. The galleries which pick their artists carefully and choose prices to meet the needs of their audience create a great environment in which to begin collecting original art. As always we have selected a few of our favourite artists for you...

This mixed media work "Beyond the Blue" by Jill Ricci balances a composition of patterns, collage, and empty space worn with texture. We love that aged and layered turquoise, alongside a path of ornate cuttings. A great balance of colour and intrigue. 

Jill Ricci's "Beyond the Blue" Mixed media on canvas. £3,050. Presented by the Smithson Gallery at stand J7

Lee Madgewick, "The Promenade" Acrylic and oil on canvas, 120 x 80 cm. £3,950

Get yourself down to Byard Art at stand G8 to see the dramatic paintings of Lee Madgewick. His moody landscapes are centre stage to run down and derelict remnants of human activity. He uses very purposeful lighting and soft backgrounds which emphasise the object of our focus. Technically and conceptually fantastic. 

Lee Madgewick, "Soft Scoop" Acrylic and oil on canvas. 100 x 100 cm. £4,150.

Each year there seem to be certain topics or techniques that are en vogue, here are a few observations that you may notice at this year's fair: First off we have gold leaf, people love a bit of gold leaf and there are many artworks across this years fair employing the material to create a luxurious and refined effect; some having greater success than others. Then there are the artworks showing sleek house interiors painted at extreme perspectives, this angularity allows for a minimalist style in representing a realist subject. Finally, the trend of this years fair which stood out to us most was the paintings of crowds within empty space, often viewed from above. There was at least a dozen artists working with this theme, and whilst many seemed to just be chasing the trend, we found our favourite at the Able Fine Art NY Gallery, at stand B2. An artist named J.J. Marino uses enormous blobs of acrylic on his otherwise smooth canvas, which he sculpts into people. Sometimes on blank space and sometimes within street scenes, the people seem frantic and rushing between objects and each other. A nice balance of texture and narrative.

J.J.Marino, "People" 80 x 80 cm. Acrylic on Linen, 2017. £3,500. Presented by Able Fine Art NY, Stand B2. 

We had a great time at this Autumn's fair. There does seem to be certain trends being repeated, but within the plethora of exhibition stands are some real gems. So why not make an afternoon of it this weekend, exploreover 1000 artworks and find something which captures your imagination.

J.J.Marino, "People" 90 x 120 cm. Acrylic on Linen, 2017. £3,500. Presented by Able Fine Art NY, Stand B2. 

For tickets and information visit the Affordable Art Fair website.

Location: Battersea Evolution
Battersea Park
Queenstown Road
London SW11 4NJ


Weekday Adult: Advance £10 / Door £12 - Concessions: Advance £8 / Door £10

Weekend Adult: Advance £12 / Door £15 - Concessions: Advance £10 / Door £13

Free entry for children under 16 accompanied by an adult