"Lines for their energy. Layers for the depth." Focus Catches up with French Printmaker Alexandra Sivov

Having recently moved from London back to Houston, French artist Alexandra Sivov tells us why printmaking is best. 

Tower Bridge. Collograph and polyester plate. 50 x 40 cm

Where did you study art?

I studied continuously since I was a child, but never as a full subject until very late. I did some classes in the Beaux Arts in France, as well as studying for a master in art history. I eventually became a teacher and always put art in every subjects, like maths, science or geography. It was great fun! Then in Venezuela I was offered the opportunity to teach art in elementary school, so I started to paint for myself again and took some classes with local artists. When I moved to Houston in 2010, I enrolled myself in classes at the art league as well as the Glassel art school for four years.  

Why printmaking?

After exploring other mediums like oil, acrylic, and clay... I found printing. It was a revelation! I am a little hyperactive when it comes to creating and printing allows me to never get bored and gives me the tools to realise my projects. The techniques are so varied that it would probably take me two lives before I can be done with all. 

Who is your favourite artist?

This one is hard!! I like many artists that are not dead yet!! The ones I had the privilege to know as studio neighbours for example :) The two that influenced my childhood and most of my life were Le Corbusier, because he was a very complete artist (architect, painters, designer...) who thought of others and a better way to live altogether. Christo and Jeanne-Claude for their ambition.  

What is is about London which inspires you so much?

London is vibrant, everything is moving fast and art is everywhere from the train station to the shop windows. When you see that anything can be amazing, you want to be part of it and it's very inspiring. 

Pierino. Collograph and polyester plate. 50 x 40 cm

What are the most important compositional aspects to your artwork?

Lines for their energy. Layers for the depth. Mixed media for the challenge and the fun.

What has been the most pivotal moment in your creative career thus far?

When I decided to stop working to concentrate on my art. 

What creative advice would you give to a young artist wanting to set up their career?

To be consistent and practice always. 

Alexandra will have a number of her prints on display at The Londoner's Compass this October.