#Tribe17 International Art Festival

#Tribe17 International Art Festival

12th - 15th October

Tribe17 opened its doors at London’s Oxo Bargehouse for its third edition last night to overwhelming capacity. This is unlike any other art fair; think interactive, DJ spinning, audio and visual installations, live performances, kids work shops, a live concert in the courtyard (This Saturday afternoon 4-5pm), bar areas, not to mention over 150 international visual artists alone… and all free! 

The private view last night garnered a tremendous amount of interest. The venue security guards commented they’ve never seen a queue this long before.

The private view last night garnered a tremendous amount of interest. The venue security guards commented they’ve never seen a queue this long before.

Exhibition 1.jpg

As a contributing writer for Focus LDN and a participating visual artist (second year running), I can give you the inside scope of Tribe17. I have attended my fair share of art fairs and the Tribe festivals are different (in a fun way!). The organisers Chrom-Art are a handful of hard working volunteers who dedicate their time and energy into their passion. In return, an eclectic group of artists fill the unique brick walls of the Bargehouse to create a homey-hip vibe.

If Frieze art is your equivalent of a three star Michelin restaurant, Tribe is like walking into your close mate’s dinner party; your mate happens to know a lot of creative minds who are diverse like the city of London and who are all welcoming and happy to speak to one another. As an emerging artist myself, we want to speak to you, we want to share with you our passions, we want to make new friends? (paintbrush no1 and no10 need some real people interaction as well :). Whether you are an art collector, art fan, student or just curious, come by for a chat. Bring your bestie, bring your nan (caution five floors worth of art and no lift), bring your four legged animal friend and come by to enjoy some art, interaction and autumn sunshine.

Below are a few of the interesting artists who you may meet: 

Inessa Garder "New Arrival"

Inessa Garder http://cargocollective.com/inessagarder

Instagram @Inessa_Garder

Is a Russian artist, interior architect and world traveller. When I first met Inessa a year ago, the first thing you notice is her smile and warmth. She is fascinated with people and places from different backgrounds. “New Arrival” is her interpretation of London Waterloo station and the energy of its space and people.


Ricardo Cabral “Flora Two”

Ricardo Cabral https://www.ricwork.com Instagram @ricwork

Divides his time between London and Cape Town. Ricardo takes inspiration from the colourful palette of the African landscape merged with the vibrant vitality of London. His work is joyful and striking, yet when I spoke to him recently, Ricardo says the creative process is actually stressful – topic of discussion for when you meet him in person.

KV Duong “Train Journey no 3”

KV Duong www.kvduong.com Instagram @kvduongart

Was born in Vietnam, grew up in Canada and now a resident of London (oh wait, this is me ;). My background in structural engineering has steered me towards rational and concrete forms, but my natural tendency is to be spontaneous and create pure abstract art. My body of work expresses the tension between these two approaches and draws from the energy of their conflict. I am presenting the “Train Journeys” series which is a metaphor for our life journeys.




Georgi Georgiev “The Devil’s Bridge”

Georgi Georgiev. Instagram @gd_art_bg

Is a Bulgarian artist who specialises in the unique (and meticulous) skill of pyrography (burning on wood). He is inspired by nature and its surroundings. Devil’s Bridge is a stunning piece of architecture in his home country where the artist has visited on numerous occasions. In February 2018, Georgi will travel to Watamu beach in Kenya to help out with local ocean trust to nest and heal injured turtles. Pictures simply cannot do the details of this work justice.



Kris Cieslak, Beautiful people series



Kris Cieslak www.cieslakart.wixsite.com Instagram @kris_cieslak_art

Is a Polish artist based in London. Kris concentrates on interpersonal relations, introspection and the constant strive for physical and spiritual perfection. In his “Beautiful People” series, he selects influence iconic females from the past few decades and paints them with his personal interpretation. 









Pernilla Iggstrom www.pernillaiggstrom.com, Instagram @pernillaiggstrom

Is an abstract and figurative artist who was born in Korea, grew up in Sweden and speaks with English with a quirky East London twang. Ask her how her identity and her personal life experiences have influenced and enriched her body of work.


Location: Oxo Bargehouse, London SE1 9GY

Open Hours:

Friday, 12pm-7pm | Saturday, 10am - 6pm | Sunday, 10am - 6pm